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Chicago Limo Anywhere takes pride in providing reliable transportation for all Greater Chicago Area, in Airport Services, Corporate and Entertainment Industries, and Personal Enjoyment. We cater to those only who expect nothing but the best. Complete with late model Luxury Stretch Limousines, and Luxury Sedans. Let our professional and experienced chauffeurs accommodate you with a touch of elegance by offering luxury and quality transportation to your most distinguished guests, VIP clients, business associates and most of all, yourself.

Chicago Limousine

With Chicago Limo Anywhere we offer, we also give you personalized attention while you experience luxury and comfort. To find out more about Chicago limousine, contact us and talk to one of our staff. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Do not settle for anything less than our Chicago transportation service. We have the best to offer you in limo services. When it comes to limousine service in Chicago, we are proud to say that we are second to none.

We have the perfect solution to meet with your Chicago limousine needs. Life is more exciting with our Chicago limousine rental. Just do not forget to bring your digital cameras to capture each moment in luxury and style.

Chicago limousine service providers are usually thought of in terms of renting a limo for a special occasion, eg, a wedding. However, limousine services are not only for weddings, they can be rented for a myriad of occasions.

Types of Occasions for Which to Rent a Chicago Limousine

Chicago limousine rental is not simply for arriving in style, it can be a lifestyle accessory that suits many occasions, like the following.

Getting Around Town: Many never think of renting a Chicago limousine for getting around town, but it can literally be the difference between a harried, hectic day where you get almost nothing on your list done. Or, a relaxing, soothing day where you get everything on your list done.

Consider this: Your husband's 30th birthday is coming up and you're in charge of planning the party. You have to jaunt from the bakery for the cake, to the mall for the gift, to the liquor store for the beverage to the party store for the decorations.

Every stop you make means more packages. If you're driving you're driving, you have to fight traffic, find parking and lug packages to your car, hoping that it will all fit.

If you're on the train, well, do we even need to go there. You'll probably have to go home between trips because you can't possibly carry that many packages on the train.

Hiring a Chicago limousine for the day would be so much easier. You don't have to worry about fighting traffic, carting packages between stores or parking.

Your Chicago limousine service provider can make your trip a breeze by saving you time, money and not to mention stress.

Gift Occasions: Any occasion where you have to bring a gift, particularly a large one, is ideal for renting a Chicago limousine service.

Imagine a baby shower, for example. You bought your best girlfriend the newest model of baby stroller, the one that comes in an extra-big box. You're all dressed up in your best formal wear, high heels to boot.

Trudging to the train station in three-inch heels with a four-foot box is not exactly the way to start out the evening.

Hiring a Chicago limousine service to cart you and your friends to the celebration not only starts it out on the right foot, you arrive in style as well.

Business Occasions: This is one of the most common reasons Chicago limousine service providers are hired. But, only for to and from the airport.

If you're a busy executive in town for a short period of time, one of the best ways to make your trip more productive is to have a Chicago limousine at your disposal. This way, you don't have to worry about making meetings on opposite ends of time. Or hailing a taxi to get back and forth to your hotel.

Last minute meeting changes and opportune socializing occasions won't present a problem if you rent a Chicago limousine for the duration of your stay.

Chicago Limo Service

When most think of a limo, they think of the traditional long, stretch car in black or white. However, there are many types of limos you can rent, for every conceivable occasion. Following are some types of Chicago limos you may not be familiar with, and some occasions for which they're perfect.

Types of Chicago Limo

Chicago Limo Bus: Limo buses are extremely popular for day trippers.

What exactly is a Chicago limo bus? A limo bus is an oversized luxury vehicle that can accommodate groups seamlessly. From small groups of twelve, on up to large groups of 50 or 60+, Chicago limo buses make the perfect choice for day trips.

Whether it's a group of middle schoolers visiting a museum, or a group of senior citizens spending the day exploring downtown's many attractions (eg, the Sears Tower, Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, etc.), a Chicago limo bus can get you there in relative style and comfort.

Chicago Limo Party Bus: A Chicago limo can also be a party bus. Close cousins of limo buses, what makes a bus a party bus are its feature.

Chicago limo party busses include such amenities as minibars, stripper poles, disco lights and mirrored ceilings. Each party bus is different, so check with the provider for specifics.

Party buses can be rented to go to specific destinations, or they can be the destination. Meaning, you don't have to get off if you don't want to. Usually, party buses rented for these occasions are the most festive. Some can come with a deejay and revelers are allowed to bring alcohol, if all attendants are of drinking age.

Chicago limo party buses like this are commonly rented for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties and prom. They are a great, safe way and a rolling source of rollicking fun.

Chicago Limos of Luxury: Chicago limos come in more than simple black and white stretch limos.

Did you know that you can rent SUV limos, Hummer limos, Cadillac Escalade limos and more? The variety of limos available is simply staggering. Whether your event is young and hip, old-world and elegant or modern and stylish, there's a Chicago limo available to fit the occasion.

Every Chicago limousine service provider offers a different selection of vehicles form which to choose. If you require a specific type of vehicle, request that type of vehicle specifically.

Chicago Limos in the Antique Category: If antique limos are your style, once again, there's no shortage from which to choose. From a Rolls Royce to a Cadillac, arriving in an antique limousine is the ultimate style statement.

Antique limo rentals are popular choices for weddings, especially themed weddings. They recall the elegance of bygone eras, and they look great in photographs.

Antique Limo Rental Tip: Some antique limos don't come with the most up-to-date accessories like air conditioning, especially the very old ones. So, be sure to query the limo service provider you're considering renting from about the particular car you're interested in.

Chicago Limousine Services

Most don't use a Chicago limousine service on a regular basis. In fact, few rent them on more than a handful of occasions throughout the course of their lives. Hence, there are a lot of unknowns surrounding the process.

Chicago Limousine Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some frequently asked questions about renting a limousine. Remember, each limousine service provider is different, so check with them for specifics.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #1: How much does it cost? This can not be answered as a stand alone question because there are several factors that go into determining price, eg:

How many is in the party, time of year, how many hours you are renting the car for, the type of occasion, they model of the car, etc.

Generally, though, limousines are rented by the hour. Most Chicago limousine service providers have an hourly rental minimum. This can range from a low of three on up to a high of 6-10. During the high season of proms and weddings (late spring to early summer) is when demand is greatest and hourly minimums are likely to rise.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #2: How many people can fit in a limo? Believe it or not, how many people fit into the limo depends on the occasion. For more formal occasions like weddings and prom, fewer people can fit.

This is because these occasions call for styles that are usually more elaborate. In general though, a normal limo can fit 6-10 average sized adults. Be sure to tell the Chicago limousine operator you're considering renting for how many are in your party.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #3: Do I have to put down a deposit? Yes. Almost across the board, most Chicago limousine operators require a nonrefundable deposit. So, be sure before you reserve that you understand exactly what you're getting.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #4: How far in advance should I rent a limo? Limousine providers are booked months in advance. It is not uncommon for them to be booked up to 9 months in advance, especially for weddings.

The best advice: As soon as you know the particulars of your occasion, reserve your limousine.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #5: What is the cancellation policy? Most Chicago limousine service providers have detailed cancellation policies. Before signing anything, go over it in detail.

Chicago Limousine Service FAQ #6: Are there discount rates? Many limousine service providers have various discount rate policies. Eg, package policies, corporate discounts and group rates.

Tell the service provider about your occasion and ask if there are any discount policies that apply to your situation. For example, if your occasion is a wedding, most limo service providers offer wedding packages that can cost much less than "a la carte" rates.

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